WRU – Training the next generation

I realise the WRU are getting a little Henson-related kicking at the moment, but they aren’t all bonkers.

A few weeks ago, your favourite blogging ref was invited to go along to an event in Wales to raise awareness of a new scheme they are running to help train the next generation of Welsh rugby star.

Sadly, I couldn’t make it, but they sent me some vids and pics and stuff (no freebies tho!) of what I missed out on. Effectively they had some of Wales’s best rugby players under 15 all together at Ebbw Vale RFC at a gig run by Under Armour (makers of those funky training gear stuff), in association with the Welsh Rugby Union (WRU), to do some high level testing and training experiences.

The Under Armour WRU Combine Tour will travel to five towns throughout Wales – Cardiff, Ebbw Vale, Swansea, Carmarthen, and Colwyn Bay – to offer young rugby players a 360-degree approach to training and development. Not bad eh!?! Hopefully they’ll find the 6N winning team of 2015!!

Here’s a clip of Welsh international Jamie Roberts – yep he with the dodgy wrist – talking a little about what his life is and why the event was so important. Didn’t realise he was still going on with the medical training thing but some great insights.

and here’s a clip of the kids doing some of their training. Rather then than me!

Well done WRU (and Under Armour!)

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