Tony Spreadbury

Our man Spreaders talking about his career and changes to refereeing – interesting stuff!

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  1. Tony,
    I was at the Bath v Norhants game last Friday and witnessed something I have never seen before. I do a bit of refereeing so am keen to understand this. The touch judge holds out a flag for dangerous play so the referee holds his arm out for a penalty and shouts advantage Bath. Knowing they have a free shot at goal Ford takes a pot at goal from way back, something he would not have done had there been no call. This could cost Bath a place in the play-offs. What would have happened if Stringer, on hearing the ‘advantage Bath’ call had said we’ll take the penalty. How can the referee reverse it? Surely once a penalty is called it has to be honoured and the TMO only used to assess whether a yellow card is warranted or not. This incident along with the rule that if you have two hookers hurt you can only opt for uncontested scrums if you go to 14 men is absurd. It puts Bath inthe same position as Gloucester whose prop was red carded, A total nonsense. What say you?


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