Ye Gods. I’m cream crackered! Just coming off the back of a 4 game 7 days. Haven’t done one of those since I was at Uni!

Nature of the beast at this time of year with the end of the season creeping up on us and league games – postponed from earlier in the season – to be squeezed into the remaining time. Add in the odd touring game and a Society meeting as well, Im in need of a day off! Last Monday was the interesting one. I refereed a Prem A league side versus a side from Siberia. Interesting way of going about a game when you know they don’t understand English! I think they understood and a cracking game was had by all. Not sure they were ever going to win, but they stayed positive and ran the ball with the try line in sight! None of the old stick it up jumper approach to attacking rugby!

This weekend, I’ll be renewing my relationship with my fav hotel in the SW. Not been there this season, so Im hoping they remember me!!

Season coming to and end? Not for me Guv!!

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