Meeting a dead man!

As any ref will know there are some great people out and about at clubs we go to. As you go more often to those clubs, you figure out who the really nice ones are. At the club I was at yesterday I was a little sad to not be meeting one of these gents as Id been told he’d passed away late last year. A former Barbarian , referee (international I think) and and a club stalwart, holding every role going. He was the club’s referee liaison office and had been  ill last time I was there, and was in the twilight of his life (by his own admission) and had had a good innings.

Imagine one’s surprise therefore when he walked into the changing room afterwards as he usually does. I dont think my face demonstrated what I was thinking!

Must speak to my friend and find out who it was that did pass away then!

To all these gents (and increasingly ladies) – we salute you and your ongoing hospitality! You sometimes make it all worthwhile!

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