Shall I?? Or shan’t I??

As you may realise, I spent Friday night in Dublin looking after a British & Irish Cup game.  Not a brilliant evening of free flowing rugby, it must be said! 35 scrums & 20-odd lineouts – chuck in 20 pens or so and you have nearly 80 stoppages in 80 mins. You do the math!

Well, it seems some of the local fans didn’t appreciate my efforts. Haven’t been called a “Dipshit” in public for some time! 😉 The big question – shall I chuck a comment or two on the forum and challenge the viewing public or leave them to it? I’ve mused on that before on other more UK based fora but decided not to.

What do you think?

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  1. Greg Collins

     /  1 March, 2010

    why give ’em the satisfaction of thinking they got a rise from you? Leave to their ignorance.

  2. Londonrugbyref

     /  1 March, 2010

    Its a bad idea to do in the bar, its a bad idea to it at S14 press conferences and it worse to do it in somewhere as ‘unregulated’ as a forum.
    They were crap, they needed to get over it

  3. lol Greg. No rise. Just always fancied having some fun with these people. Just wondered what they’d do!

  4. They’d probably lynch me! 😉


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