Ref abuse?

Have a look at this:

And then this story about the punishment.

What do you think?

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  1. Pretty ballsy or pretty stupid to do a two hand shove from behind on the sir….I don’t think Nigel Owens was interfering with play to deserve that.

  2. PS-I don’t buy the concussion excuse, either.

  3. PSS-Ref. your story gave me more food for thought on the general subject of Concussions. It was good food for thought for my blog-thanks for sharing this, because it ties in with my personal life as well as those of members of the British and American MIliitary-I bet you never thought you would strike such a nerve with this post.

  4. Warren

     /  19 November, 2009

    So come on then Sir; what’s your view? FWIW I think Owens bottled it. If he thought it was a deliberate push (and it was) then it should have been straight red there & then, not a warning at the next breakdown; it’s then up to the powers that be to decide if there are any mitigating circumstances. Thin end of the wedge if you allow the ref’s authority to be undermined IMHO.

    • I agree although I suspect someone told him what they thought happened and he clearly didn’t see it so nearly impossible to call. As an AR you have to be 100% sure before you advise on a red card.

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