SA v NZ – Botha’s Yellow Card

Any readers think Bakkies Botha’s YC was a tad harsh yersterday? Looks innocent enough to me – and certainly didnt make a tackle in an offside position as Nigel Owens suggested. Was it the other second row?

Also the NZ YC seemed harsh. Maybe it was out (was looking after Refblog Jnr watching repeat this morning so wasnt fully concentrating). Thoughts?

Apart from those two incidents, looked lilke another solid game to me. I do like his style (if not his wristbands!)

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  1. Aggred on Botha, a little late maybe but unless there was something else that the TV didn’t show in replay it was tough (probably deserved a YC for something tho, he always does!)
    AB YC was deserved. 10m out from try line, fast ball, AB No5 runs straight to the back of the ruck and kicks the ball out of 9’s hands.

  2. But was it out old chap?

  3. Warren

     /  3 August, 2009

    Botha – very harsh. He was offside – chasing back never got behind back foot of the previous ruck, & thus presented an illegal obstacle in midfield, but he didn’t make contact with an AB player so penalty would have been more than enough IMHO.

    Re the AB card – fair enough, ball not out in my view. Refs are usually very vocal in saying when a ball like that is out, so it was a bit of a stupid thing to do.

    Where Owens was sadly lacking was in his refereeing of the scrum. How many times did the front rows engage early then collapse, yet he did nothing to stop it which ruined the scrum contest. That said, he gets some Brownie points back for being strict on the not straight – wonder if Paddy O’Brien has finally made it clear that people want to see a fair contest at the scrum?


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