A day at Twickenham

We had the annual end of season Refblog family trip to Twickers yesterday for the London leg of the IRB 7s series. We usually go for the weekend but Mrs Refblog had a hen do on Sat which started at 3 so scuppered that plan. We’ve been going to the event for 7 years now. We started going when it was held in Cardiff but the WRU ran out of funds to host it so we switched to London.

We took Refblog Jnr for his first visit to HQ as well. What a great day out it was. Fab atmosphere, good company and great rugby. Mrs Refblog likes 7s – keeps her attention span and she can tune in, or out of matches depending on who’s playing. Naturally, our Kenyan heritage came out to play! It always amazes me how many Kenyan fans there are in London and they did themselves proud once again. And the players did too, winning the Bowl – I think; I lose track of which comp is which!!

Great to see my friend JP Doyle out there reffing. The boy’s had an amazing year as a full timer. I’m admittedly extremely jealous! Wonder if I’ll ever make it to those dizzy heights? Just to have the time to train would be great! He’s looking good on it too!

Anyway, great day. Some team in white scraped past the Kiwis to win the final sudden death extra time. Brilliant game to end things. Bet the organisers love it when the hosts win!

Just one bad moment – some crowd trouble in the new south stand towards the end marred things slightly. Lots of alcohol consumed being the cause. We’ve never seen any probs like that before at a rugby event and hope we don’t again.

Happy bank holiday everyone!!

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  1. Roger Baer

     /  25 May, 2009

    My wife (south african) took our 9 year old (big England fan!) and they had a brilliant day out, culminating in that extraordinary win in the final. However, I was shocked to hear that there was fighting at Twickenham. That is surely unprecedented. She said there was a man with a young child who had to be lead out of that area and the boy was visibly distressed. Very worrying. They must nip it in the bud.

  2. I entirely agree. Looked most unpleasant. I hope it’s a one off because reputations are hard to build and very easy to destroy. The 7s, rightly, has a great reputation. Long may that continue!


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