Last Friday night….

… of the season – hopefully. This season feels like it’s been going on forever so Im hoping that as it’s the last Div 1 league Sat (with a few exceptions) this is my last Friday night thinking about rugby for a while.

With Mr Boy hitting 5 months, Mrs Refblog needs some respite on the weekend and that’s where I come in.  She’s already planning on getting her hair cut next weekend “while I take him for a walk” (or maybe a local rugby match! 😉 ) and for once, I entirely agree.

Don’t get me wrong, Ive had a great season all in all. Now established in Div 1 and once again I find myself asking how on earth Ive made it this far.  Im not one who can pinpoint the reasons. Hard consistent work and keeping my head down. With one exception, I havent upset anyone this year and at this level, that’s just as important as having a blinder.

The summer brings a fitness drive (too late some would say!) and some R&R with the family.  With the Lions to occupy some time, this wont be a rugby free zone (thank goodness!) so don’t despair. I may even get round to blogging properly again.


Thanks for your support and messages through the season – it’s appreciated. My email – if you want to drop me a line. Or if you are on  Twitter ( do feel free to follow me. I may return the favour!

I’ll be back next week to report on tomorrow’s game. Looking forward to it. Should be a good physical end to the season. Nothing to play for? Try telling that to the 30+ guys on the pitch tomorrow.

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