Another clear cut score and uncontroversial game for Refblog this week. erm… well….

Why is it spectators only want injury time played when they win in it? I remember fondly a game down in Hampshire in my early refereeing days when we played 7 mins of injury time during which the lead changed hands 3 times! I was hugely unpopular with everyone. Ahhh, the good old days! 😉

Time is one of the only things in which we are totally transparent. When we have a stoppage – injury or replacement – we hold hand up and call time off. When its all sorted, we hold hand up and call time on. We’re supposed to add a bit of whistle but sometimes that bit slips!

Take a game with 5 replacements each – how long does it take to make 10 seperate replacements in the second half? Add in 3 injury stoppages, lets say. It all adds up. But woe betide you when a side loses the game during this mysterious period. Next time you are at a match, take a stopwatch and follow the ref’s time on and off. I bet you’ll be suprised!

All this detracts from a cracking game of rugby – one which I know I thoroughly enjoyed playing my part in. There are some that say that Cup rugby is dead. I defy anyone who was at my game on Sat to say the same. Great stuff!

This week will see me at my local club running some lines, doing to sprint training, and reffing an active session for the lads who want to do some competitive scrums and lineouts. These are cracking sessions for us all. The coaches want us to ref it hard – we want to experiment a little and work on some things a little. Everyone benefits. Looking forward to it!

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  1. Not in your league at all but you are on the money re time. Had a coach come on the pitch after a conversion in a close U18’s game two Sundays ago to tell me that time was done and “we don’t play injury time at this level”. I wanted to say “yes we do” and “so your 7 rolling subs took no time then?” but just said “thanks, but I’ll use my watch”.

    There he was after the game wittering about how he was a qualified ref and how it was a disgrace as the second half had last 41 minutes. God knows what he’d have been like if his side had lost, as it was they got a bonus point try in time added on.


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