All change!

So it seems everyone (ho hum) has agreed to the new structure below the Premiership:

CHAMPIONSHIP – 12 teams, one up, one down
NATIONAL ONE – 16 teams (five not included in Ch’ship, nine from National Two, one up from National Three North, one up from National Three South)
NATIONAL TWO – 32 teams in two leagues, divided into North and South (clubs from existing National Three)
NATIONAL THREE – Four leagues (London, Midlands, North, South West), clubs from existing National Three and below)
So, you wait for ages to become a Div 1 referee and then the change you to a Championship referee.
Not sure I like the idea of having relegation play offs from the Championship! Sounds like a nighmare scenario. Imagine getting that appointment. Loser goes out of business and club closes. No pressure there then! Jeepers. Hold onto your hats – this is going to be a fun ride….
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