Sorry, that should balmy! Can’t believe a trip to the middle of the Cornwall in the middle of October needed a rugby match containing water breaks! Most bizarre, but that is what we had down there yesterday.

Great game and well worth the four hours travelling and an overnight stop.  Had expected to be in SW London running the line but a swift change round midweek – bit of a shift, but that’s the joy of being on the panel (and having an understanding Mrs Refblog!))

It’s great doing two sides you know, and they know you. You can push the boundaries a bit and enjoy the banter and use it to your aid. No disciplinary issues all afternoon despite a game that conjured up a 15-15 first half and then a 37-29 final score. Home side were on top for most of the game, but wrapped up a nice present of 3 soft tries to their visitors with a nice bow on top.  Coach said afterwards he was hoping I’d put a tackle in at one stage as none of his chaps seems they wanted to. Good stuff.

Next week, I am in DIY mode on Saturday (The Present Mrs Refblog is getting rather large at the mo and the nursery needs some finishing off, among other home bits and pieces) and then up to the Midlands for a Sunday game. Well, that’s the plan at the moment and after last week’s chopping and changing, the proof will be in the pudding!!

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