Another weekend in the SW…

… and another ELV “clarification” I bring with me.

That’s two in two weeks. Last week was the disintegration, delib or otherwise, of the maul. This week the defending “hooker” at the lineout.

Apparently the ERC gathering last week ahead of the cross border comps brought out some differences in interpretations across Europe as to where the defending hooker can stand in the lineout. RFU said it was the “immediate” opposite, so should be close to the l/o. Some others, including the WRU I hear, had interpreted it to be anywhere in the 10m channel. They couldn’t agree so sent it up to the IRB who have ruled with the “anywhere in the 10m” approach. If that’s what they meant, why didn’t they write it in the ELV!?!

What I don’t get is why a defending side would not want that player in the 5m channel at the front of the lineout. Otherwise it leaves a rather large hole for the attacking side. Hey ho – we just do what we’re told.

Looking forward to this afternoon. Got one of the so-called top sides against one of the lower end sides. Don’t think either would disagree with those descriptions although from what Ive learnt so far in Div 1, league “status” or position don’t mean much when you blow your whistle to kick a game off. Lots of the “big” sides have a habit of not dominating these games and have the wrong mindset. Can’t comment on that, but we’ll see.

Been thinking of my mental prep this week. Had a feeling that Im not totally focused and have been making some silly mistakes in my approach to players and incidents. Missed a yellow card opportunity the other week when I spoke to a player about a breakdown penalty, before I spoke to the TJ about a flag he had put in.  Had I not done so, I would have then binned the player as a result of persistent offenses in the move. Not match effecting as the f.p player then presented me with the chance to put him in the bin 2 mins later. But that’s not the point.

Will see how my brain handles this afternoon.

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