The season begin

Apologies for the lack of posting of late. Been a bit manic with one thing or another.

Well, third Saturday into the season and Im two Div 1s in the middle, one on the side and one AR run out at an A League game.


Well, as I suspected the ELVs were talked about a lot over the summer, but haven’t really had a huge impact in terms of decision making for us officials. A few mauls pulled down, a few taken back ins and kicked straight out but nothing to write home about. The main thing Ive spotted is the necessity of the teams to establish a quality kicking game. Some Ive seen so far have done so, other less so. The 10’s/FBs are having to be much more accurate in where they drop the balls into the defending 22. Has meant more ball in play time, or so it feels. Not sure if there is any stats so far to back it up.

Speaking of which, Statubunker is fast becoming a must read site for me ( – seems Im currently second in the Referee Report table for my yellow card count!!! 3 in 2 games.

Anyway, back to the refereeing. First match of the season, naturally saw me in the far south west. A good starter, in front of the Nat Dev Mgr. Could have been a whole lot worse, and really pleased to get it under my belt. Really worked hard in first half but then eased off, especially in the contact area. Not to the detriment of the game, but at this level, when you’re being watched, you’re being watched!!

Last weekend, was a different kettle of fish. Was on Sunday duty up in Yorkshire and for some reason I just didn’t begin to sort things out until about 25 mins. Where I sorted the tackle out in the previous week, I just didn’t!  The only thing I can put my finger on, is that I didn’t have comms in the first half (despite testing them both inside and out beforehand). Whether the bit of my brain that should have been focusing on what was in front of my eyes was musing on the lack of radio’s – who knows. Maybe I need therapy to get to the bottom on that one. Needless to say, the DVD I got last night was not pleasant reading. The nice video company had clipped out 32 breakdown/rucks from the first half. Not pretty viewing, but necessary – even if it is to make sure that it never happens again!

Well, my motto in these scenarios is “Accept and Move on” – so that is what I intend to do. Learn the lessons, and make sure my next run out next weekend is free of that sort of thing.

Whatever you’ve all been up to this afternoon, I trust it went well and wish you all, dear readers, a prosperous and fun-filled season.



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  1. I would agree about ELVs, they have not made much difference, especially at L11. A few more quick throws and players ‘forgetting’ about the 5m scrum law. Maulling technique is not always slick enough tell if the collapse is legal, illegal or just a shambles.


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