OK, so what happens next?

Well, a year after it started, my season just ended. Seems like forever ago since I jetted off to Durban for the start of my season.  Now, it’s June 1st and I’m sitting here after a day at HQ, after a great experience at the County Championship Final and the England BaaBaa’s game. Well the first was better than the second.  I was chief clipboard operator for the CCF looking after two benches and a nice man from Sky. It’s a whole new world when the TV people get involved. Everything goes on their times and their systems. You do, what they say. No injury time. No play on the sponsors logo blah blah blah.

I’m going to have 24 hours off before my pre-season kicks in. I already had my 2 weeks off and I’ve set myself a few targets for the summer:

1) To lose a stone

2) To do my first ever 10k.

Never done either (obviously!) so both will be interesting.  Im doing the Great Yorkshire Run on Sept 7th so Im hoping the training Imgoing to be doing will assist with point 1!

Also signed myself up (kind of) for some summer 7s down here in sunny Hampshire so that will help with the improvement in my sprint speed that Id like to work on.

Will keep on blogging over the summer so keep checking back in!

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