Well, season 2 over…

…  well almost!

Sorry for the last two weeks shortage of posts. It’s been one of those busy periods we all go through. The County Champs games have surprised me, I must say. The two games Ive done have been good solid games – albeit last weekend’s affairs turning to a damp squib after 61 mins when we had to go uncontested scrums.

Lesson learnt from my view with the way the situation was dealt with. The heat meant we had water breaks and the 2nd half one was taken up trying to explain to the home side’s coach who didn’t get that we were trying to advise him of the County Cup Regs.  It was 20-21 at the time andthe home side prop was struggling with injury. They had already replaced the other one, but only had another hooker on the bench.  We were trying to explain that the regs said that you had to keep a contested scrum on the second time an FR was required and as they couldn’t the regs could be deemed to have been breached and the Cttee would have to make a call.  As it happens, they lost 31-20 in the end so problems averted.

My Number 1 TJ put it so much clearer than I – must be clearer and confident in the future.  

Apart from that, it  all went well. No controversy, the right sides won and no-one had any problems with yours truly – mission accomplished.

Looking forward to a week off, before the IRB7s at HQ next weekend (spectator!) and the will be Number 4 for the County Champs Final on 1 June. Then 6 weeks off before it all starts again at HQ, hopefully at the Middlesex 7s on 16 August!

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