IRB Panels announced

The revised lists:

The IRB International Referee Panel in 2008 is:

  • Wayne Barnes (England),
  • Lyndon Bray (New Zealand),
  • Christophe Berdos (France),
  • George Clancy (Ireland),
  • Stuart Dickinson (Australia),
  • Matt Goddard (Australia),
  • Paul Honiss (New Zealand),
  • Craig Joubert (South Africa),
  • Marius Jonker (South Africa),
  • Joel Jutge (France),
  • Jonathan Kaplan (South Africa),
  • Alan Lewis (Ireland),
  • Mark Lawrence (South Africa),
  • Bryce Lawrence (New Zealand),
  • Nigel Owens (Wales),
  • Dave Pearson (England),
  • Alain Rolland (Ireland),
  • Chris White (England),
  • Steve Walsh (New Zealand)

The IRB’s touch judge panel:

  • Peter Allan (Scotland),
  • James Bolabiu (Fiji),
  • David Changleng (Scotland),
  • Federico Cuesta (Argentina),
  • Carlo Damasco (Italy),
  • Rob Debney (England),
  • Tim Hayes (Wales),
  • Taizo Hirabayashi (Japan),
  • James Leckie (Australia),
  • Paul Marks (Australia),
  • Simon McDowell (Ireland),
  • Chris Pollock (New Zealand),
  • Romain Poite (France),
  • Stuart Terheege (England),
  • Hugh Watkins (Wales),
  • Cobus Wessels (South Africa)

The IRB’s TMO panel: George Ayoub (Australia), Giulio De Santis (Italy), Graham Hughes (England), Johan Meuwesen (South Africa), Shaun Veldsman (South Africa), Geoff Warren (England), Nigel Whitehouse (Wales)


Congrats to all newcomers!

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