Deja vu!

Well, here I am again, ensconced in my favourite hotel outside Exeter for the second of three consecutive trips down this way. Don’t mind, but the roads from my home to here aren’t of motorway quality so its slow miles! Hey ho.

Penultimate league game of the season and looking forward to my third Div 1 game. Had a fun day last weekend in the variable weather that sometimes befits the north Cornwall coast.  Home side threw the game away in the gentleist of ways.  Four trys gifted to their visitors from the north west.  No drama from me. No cards, no controversey – just two 80m intercept tries to keep the lings bursting.

Tomorrow should be good. Nearly top v upper mid table. Ive done both of the sides involve earlier in the season so Im not new to them which is a pretty good way to ease my way into this new division. Still aware of the fact that they are just as likely to “play” me, as well as each other. There’ll be 30 professional players out there and Im sure they’ll have reviewed my appearances with them from earlier in the season.

Will report back on Sunday and let you know how it went!

Happy whistling


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