Good week!

Well, I’m sitting here ruminating on a successful week in the metaphorical green office.

Last Wed saw the pain and torture that is The Mid Season Fitness Test. Joy! Suffice to say I passed. Experienced a new test called Battack – you stand in front of this machine and hit the lights which go on at random. 10 different ones at diff heights and off both hands. Bit like the croc games at the funfair. Did it before anything else and then straight after the JAM test.  Good test to see if visual skills and brain work when the rest of you is  knackered.

 The pain was somewhat lightened by some news about an international appt in U18 6 Nations so will need my passport in a few weeks.

Headed a mere 298 miles from home through some of the worst weather Ive ever been through. A stay with an old chum in Rotherham before heading the last 55 miles to the most scenic rugby ground Ive ever been to. Fantastic. Think Postman Pat and you get the picture. Anyway, my task was a National Cup comp with a Div 2 v Div 1. My first reffing experience in comp rugby of involving that level side.  Lower side put up a great effort, defying their league status and recent form. Div 1 side won, in the end 39-24. No complaints from anyone and a great cup atmosphere.

Back home and no chance to ponder too much. Last night had my first Guinness A league game in SW London.  Wasn’t as big a jump up as I was expecting mainly because of some poor play from both sides in patches. Saying that, the good play was awesome. Some great hands and skills, despite the slippy surface. Some FR issues – mainly pitch related, but also the blue LH was under a lot of pressure.  Anyway, another happy assessor and a whole load of stuff learnt from my end.

Great call today from the powers that be to say Ive been moved off the line on Saturday and into the middle. Div 1 debut! What fun. Got plenty of prep and chaps to chat to so will leave this blog here.

Beyond to say that 15 months ago I was accepted onto the panel and if you  told me then what Ive done so far and the level I’m now reffing, I’d have bitten your arm off!

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  1. Wert

     /  16 January, 2008

    Well done on the appointments. Lots of ups and downs in this game as I’m sure you’re well aware of on the dizzy heights of the NP, but enjoy the ups (and learn from the downs)!
    Windows of opportunity can often be small in this circle and someone elses misfortune is another’s opportunity – so grab it and show the powers that be what you’re capable of.
    Good luck with the game!

  2. Andy

     /  17 January, 2008

    Congratulations on the appointment. You’ve worked hard for it, and I’m sure you deserve it.

  3. Ben

     /  18 January, 2008

    congratulations on the promotion to the middle, enjoy it.


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