The right direction beckons!

Well last weekend was fun. Tough afternoon, not helped by a second row who decided the best way of attack was with his head (according to the TJ) so visitors down to 14 on 31 mins.  Meant I had to keep working hard to keep the game flowing. To be fair to all, I don’t think the red had that big an effect in the game. Home side were in control in the first half but then let their visitors come back in.  They got far enough ahead to win, but the visitors were working hard to get a losing bonus point. Sadly, with one short, they just couldn’t make the necessary breakthrough.

Coach was happy – he even smiled!! 

Next batch of appointments are now out and have to say I’m well chuffed. Got a nice Cup game in the next round (higher league oppo vs current level) which will be the first time in the middle with players of that level since a pre-season friendly.  Also got some A league games, which will be a great experience.

So no mince pies for me! Add a Jan 9th fitness test and that’s my Chrimbo diet kicking in right now. I always used to laugh at people out jogging on Christmas Day, but this year, it may well have to be me!

TJing on Sat at my nearest league appointment for 2 years. Only 60 miles. Don’t know what I’m going to do on Sat morning!!! Im sure the present Mrs Ref will find some chores for me to do.

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