Heading in the right direction

A good day in the office on Saturday. I’ve been working on quite a few things and it feels like its starting to come together.  Big day next week. 1v 6, important folks in attendence. Did some good prep work on Saturday and hopefully will have a replay this coming weekend.

Heard a really good presentation from one of our top chaps last week and many of his points have really struck home.

He said he approached one tournament with three basic rules. Doesn’t matter what they are, but he was absolutley clear that whatever happened, these 3 rules are what he would be refereeing too. 

A great message: consider, prepare, plan and execute.

We could all learn from that.

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  1. Bryan

     /  13 December, 2007

    Hope it goes well. Stick to your plan, and execute. Be prepared for any deviations and adjust accordingly.

    Most importantly, have fun and enjoy it!

  2. Thanks Bryan – all part of the plan!

    Enjoy it – sure will.


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