The long and winding road…

.. – perfectly describes the journey from my humble gaff to the south west.  170 miles = 4 hours. On the face of it, Im one of the nearest at this level but it’s a hell of a journey!

What fun! Anyone making a trip down there and needs somewhere to stay, I can highly recommend the Woodbury Park Hotel, out 6 miles east of Exeter. A fine establishment.

Anyway, was running touch for a tough game yesterday.  In the conditions we expected 80 mins of pick and go, pick and go. Well, we only got about 40 mins of that, topped by some pretty enterprising rugby. As ever when running touch, I couldn’t really tell you how the ref did (was 5 secs behind him!) but a pen count of 15 speaks volumes for his control and the way the players listened and acted at the breakdown.

Lessons learnt for me:

1) a quick contest at the breakdown can be pretty easily managed, if the players know what to expect

2) constant work at getting the pillars back pays dividends

3) if a yellow card come out of nowhere, it can still be a perfect yellow card. No warning is necessary in some circumstances, especially at this level.

Back in the middle next weekend in a cup game. Must check out the regs at some stage!

Have a good week


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