Trekked down to the South West on Saturday for a Div One game with a flag in my hand. Unlike some of my colleagues, I actually quite enjoy running touch. It’s an entirely different kettle of fish requiring a different skill set. Not sure I’d do it week in, week out though. Makes you really appreciate those that do!

It’s nice to be there as number 1, as it shows that someone, somewhere has confidence in my abilities. If the ref had gone down in the first 10 minutes (it’s happened!), yours truly would have ruined the remainining 70!

Quite a quiet afternoon really, only the one piece of foul play input. Thought twice about it but with a chippy replacement on, he was holding his much larger second row oppo back who then retaliated with a swinging arm. No contact, but needed to bring it to the attention. Penalty had already been awarded so I stood by that, with a recommendation for him to have words with them both. No drama.

Strange how the blood starts to run very quickly when the flag goes horizontal. At this level everything is on display, watched, analysed, and there can be big money at stake so its uber-important to get it right.  I think Im now tuned in to getting it accurate, but it really does make you wonder. If you’re going to be running touch, do take some time to think about it before you rock up, flag in hand, ready to ref from the side.   I have no idea how the ref did on Sat, I was generally 5 seconds behind him watching everyone get up off the ground.  If you can’t say the same, were you really TJing properly?

Anyone got any interesting to report?

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