Final week

We’ve had a really good week of seeing the local sights (hippo and croc from a boat) and then a 12 hour safari trek into one of the Richards Bay game reserve. Arriving at 6 in the morning, within 10 mins we’d found 2 white rhino lurking near the road. Not a bad start! But it then took us another 9 hours to find what we really wanted – elephants. We’d just given up hope when we’d stopped to see some giraffes. As we were taking spome pcs, we heard an elephant trumpeting not far. Headed back up the road and found 3 of the little beauties in the woods we had just driven past. Great stuff.

 Thursday saw us meet up with our international colleagues who had arrived from Cape Town and we were hosted by the South African Air Force who flew us in a helicopter up the Durban coast line. What a trip. Doors open all the way!

Friday night saw our final games, in charge of the U20s play off games. With the Tri-Nations game later today, there isnt much on this weekend, so these were pretty tame affairs. Mine was a 52-5 final score. The way they worked it is a bit idd. At the half way pount in the U20s league they take the league positions and do a cup comp base don 1 v 8, 2v7, 3v6, 4v5 etc etc for a cup comp. Was obvious why the sides I had were 1st and bottom.

College Rovers U20s were the best structured side Ive seen since being out here. They played as a 15, made good yards, were disciplined and scored some excellent tries. The visitors, Jaguars played valiantly but just werent good enough, even with two new irish lads who had just arrived in the province for a few months off-season rugby.

I think Terry’s game was pretty similar, but without the skills I had.

Well, must dash, got to go pick up my tickets for this afternoon.

Next post will probably be from home where I’ll sum this whole trip up.

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