Day 1


So here we are, sitting in business class on the BA flight to Jo’burg, sipping free booze,

all care of the RFU. Well, some of that is true – I’ll let you decide which bits!!!*

Just been chatting to my fellow travelling ref about expectations. We realised what benefits the internet has.

Firstly, it means I can do this from my newly acquired XDA IIs – thank you Ebay! Secondly it lets

us find at so much about the sides we are going to be refeeeing or in this in this case how little we are

going to know. When we get off this plane, and then the connection onto Durban, we’ll be 6 hours away

from our first matches. Neither of us have any idea what to expect.

It really is diconcerting but will bring home that old adage: Only referee what’s in front of you! We’ll have to,

and I’m quite looking forward to it!

Off to sleep now. Night!

* The real bits are the “sitting” bit. The rest, sadly wasn’t true!

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