Birthday from the top of Sani Pass

Up the the Sani Pass. Amazing scenary and views. One of KZN refs chauffeured us up in a Discovery 3 – thank god!

We’d never have made it up without 4×4 technology.Staying in the chalet at the top was a brilllant experience – a unique was to spend my birthday. The local ladies prepared a 4-course meal : veg soup, home made bread, a Chicken and potato stew, topped off with ginger cake and Custard. Not bad for a chalet, 9400m at the summit of a mountain.

Then headed to Ladysmith (and thanks to a slight misundetstarding in respect of the location of our B+B,) onto Dundee. A strange experience. Never before have I been out at 8pn and seen absolutly nobody. It was as if we had missed an air raid siren. No pubs, no bars, no nothing.

Yesterday we headed to the Zulu-Brit battlefields. An aged chap called Neville picked us up in his Land Rover and spent the day filling us in about the Battle of Ishandlwana and Rorkes Drift. Didn’t think I would enjoy it but it was pretty good. Neville, we salute you.

Spent today doing some 4×4 driving, and then toured the SAB breweries plant here. Makers of Castle, Hansa, Peroni. Even as a TT chap, its still impressive to see how they turn out 45000 bottles an hour. Times that by 24/7 and 364 days a year and you get an amazing operation. The chaps reported the produce wasn’t bad either!! Off to watch one of the guys ref this eve, hopefully after finding an internet cafÁé to upload these musings!!

Starting to think about tomorrow’s games. Seems I got another toughie. Terry’s got one that could be a cricket score. Pays never to believe that till it happens!

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